Ewelink add-on in Home Assistant

I added some devices to my Home Assistant, and when I click on the device in the Ewe page of Home Assistant, I am met with “Only the device owner can edit”.

??? WTF

I am the only user here and I installed the Sonoff switch. So just who is the owner?

Have you logged in with your eWeLink cloud login and password in the HA integration?

Yes. I can also see the device in my phone eWeLink app.

Is the message displayed for one device only or for all Sonoff? Can you control the device despite the message? Perhaps the message is informative only?

Since the official eWeLink integration has not been updated for many months, try using the Sonoff LAN integration (via HACS). Remember to disable the eWeLink integration or remove it before you continue with the latter.

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That add-on is more or less a demo for eWeLink API, go get Sonoff LAN and enjoy

@ward @yitie

This is a bit of an overstatement, but indeed the addition of eWeLink is more of a prelude to further development that never happened.

Kindly check if you shate the home and using second account. This should be done from first account

Yes, that could be it. The description of the problem is very brief and it is difficult to see.

Thanks for the ideas.
I already have a few devices on SonoffLAN, so I just removed the eWelink integration and used SonoffLAN to integrate the devices.