Link ewelink and mihome

Good morning
I have a lot of sonoff devices and 3 yeelight color bulb from xiaomi
With the last update of ewelink 4.23 I had linked the app with the mihome up
I have successfully synchronized my bulbs but I can’t control them from ewelink
The message : not yet supported
Is there any help please

@Erin please check this issue.

Hi. eWeLink supports more models of Yeelight bulb in the new version, you can install version 4.24.0 for Android. For IOS will be released later this month.

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Yea, the integration with YeeLight device is one by one, or model by model, lots works need to be done.
@lassaad.guermazi please let me know the exact model of “not yet supported” YeeLight color bulbs, will set priorities in our implements request list, stay tuned.

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Thanks Yitie
I don’t know the exact model of the bulb there is no about section in the mihome app
But it’s this one :

This one? Yeelight 1s/1se E27 6w Rgb Smart Led Bulb Wireless Voice Control Colorful Light 100-240v Support Work With Ok Google Alexa - Led Bulbs & Tubes - AliExpress

I think yes

Ok, will inform our tech team and yeelight team to see how to prioritize the integrate work, stay tuned😀

Thank you very much yitie.

We have finished the integration with Yeelight colorful bulb 1s, and available for Android users in the app version v4.24 already on shelf, iOS version will be launched by the end of this month.

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Very nice surprise
Thank you so much Yitie
I will try it asap when the ios update will be available

Can I ask you some questions about a problem with NSPanel ? Or must I open a new topic ?

Sure, free to ask me anything about eWeLink.
If the issue beyond what my know I’d like to forward the SONOFF team also.

Thanks @yitie
So My problem with the NSPanel is the external temperature (Not the internal temp)
The NSPanel display a wrong temp compare to the real conditions (for exemple when the current conditions are 35°C the NSPanel display 26°C)
I have verified the location, I have reset the NSPanel, I have update the last firmware version but the problem is always here
I just noted that as if it displays a time-lagged temperature (in the afternoon when current conditions are 25°C for exemple the NSPanel display 35°C)

I will send some screen shots this night

That’s wired, I’ll check with our testing team on several devices, and get back to you once I have clue.
May I ask where are you live? I think there maybe a mis calling of the temp API.

Of corse @yitie
I live in Tunisia
Governorate : Ariana

The screen shot

Hi there, I think the time-lag of the weather data from Weather info provider caused this difference, the Weather info provider refresh data hourly instead of real time, that’s why you tell the difference between NSpanel and the phone.
We will go deeper to see how to optimize this offset, maybe work with more Weather service providers or rise the data calling frequency.

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