【Add-on Guide】Yeelight add-on for eWeLink CUBE

Exciting news for Yeelight enthusiasts!

yeelight YEELIGHT

Yeelight has launched a new official add-on that allows you to easily sync your Yeelight smart lights to eWeLink CUBE powered local smart home hub, like SONOFF iHost.

With this new add-on, you’ll be able to control your Yeelight smart lights right from the eWeLink CUBE.
The add-on connects through your local WiFi network so no separate hub or bridge is needed. Just install the ‘eWeLinkCUBE-Yeelight-LAN’ add-on in the CUBE, then you can turn YEELIGHT smart lights on and off, dim, change color and scenes, set schedules and timers, and more all from one central place. This opens up tons of automation possibilities.

Here is the list of the supported Yeelight lights:

Yeelight Monitor Light Bar Pro

Yeelight LED Lightstrip Pro

Yeelight LED Lightstrip 1S

Yeelight Smart LED Light Bulb W3 (Color)

Yeelight Smart LED Light Bulb 1S (Color)

Yeelight GU10 Smart Bulb W1 (Color)

Yeelight Smart Lamp D2

Yeelight Smart LED Panels

Yeelight Cube Smart Lamp

Screenshots of the add-on:

What automations will you be creating between Yeelight and eWeLink? Let us know how it goes!