How to Access Your Devices Faster with eWeLink Widget

We’ve all been there - rushing out the door when you realize you forgot to turn off the heater or AC. Fumbling to take out your phone, open the app, and find the right device is a hassle. eWeLink widget provides a simple shortcut to quickly control devices with one tap from your home screen.

What is the eWeLink Widget?

The eWeLink Widget is a simple home screen widget that gives you quick access to your smart devices. With just a tap, you can turn devices on or off without having to launch the full app.

Next, let’s look at how to add these time-saving eWeLink widgets to your home screen:

How to Add

The steps to add widgets differ between Android and iPhone.

For Android

For Android devices, the way to add the widgets might be slightly different. But overall, they’re very similar. Let’s take OPPO as an example.

Step 1: Long press any empty space on your home screen, and tap “Widgets”.

Step 2: Select “eWeLink 1x1” if you want to have only one device to show on the home screen, or select “eWeLink 4x2” if you want to add multiple devices.

Step 3: Then the supported devices will pop up and you can select any of them.

Step 4: When you confirm to add the devices to the Widget, your devices show up on the home screen.

For iOS

Step1: Launch your eWeLink App, and navigate to Profile > Widgets.

Step2: Tap Add to add your devices to the widget shortcuts and then save your settings.

Step 3: Navigate to Today View, tap Edit, and Customize.

Step 4: Add “eWeLink-Device Shortcuts” to the Widgets.

That’s it! The widget will now give you one-tap access to your selected devices.

Accessing Devices from the Widget

Once added, simply tap any device’s on/off icon on the widget to instantly turn it on or off. The icon will update to reflect the new state.

The eWeLink Widget provides a quicker way to access and control your most used devices without having to open the app every time.

What’s Coming up
In the future updates, users will be able to trigger manual scenes from the widget, and take a glance at the device data like temperature, humidity, etc. Stay tuned!

It’s a great feature. BUT- why out of all my the devices (~15) only a few (3) are available for 1x1 widget?

At present, only a few models are integrated into the Widget. We will add more step by step since this September.

Great to hear that.
Today I successfully used one button, but an hour later it went unresponsive…
Good luck with the widget - it’s a now level of interaction!

What does “unresponsive” mean? Does it mean that when you turn a device off via the widget, it stays on?

No. It means, when I touched the widget button, nothing was happening… But now, it works again. I removed widget and added it agin…
Another thing is - for some time, my eWeLink icon on phone shortcut panel, tried to add/configure widget instead of turning on the application. Now it starts the config panel for a second, and then the application itself. :wink:

The first thing, maybe it’s because when you tap the widget, the device is offline, and then it’s back online.

Second thing, could you shoot a video to show us this issue? Please upload it to the support ticket in eWeLink App > Profile > Help & Feedback.

Not happening any more :wink:

Waiting for further development! Good luck!

Why can’t you link a scene to a widget?

It will come on with next release.

For Android users, it will be available in September.

The widgets only work while logged in to eWeLink and it is not possible to stay logged in - this makes the widgets fairly useless if you have to log on each time you want to use the feature

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Exactly my issue on android. I have to open the app every time to make the widgets work.
This makes the widgets more or less useless.
Hoping for some improvement!

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When I click on widgets, no device appears and if I click to add, there is no device shortcut created either. Where do I create a shortcut on the device first?


Salve, ho acquistato SONOFF DUAL R3 solo che quando povo ad aggiungerlo alla shortcuts non riesco a trovare il dispositivo su iphone. Ho provato sul mio vecchio telefono android e lì funziona, consigli?

Due to the different development methods of iOS and Android, their widget versions are not synchronized. Currently, the Android widget supports a wider range of devices, and we will expand the range of devices supported by the iOS widget next.