Add eWeLink Support devices to SmartThings app

eWeLink devices can be added to the Samsung SmartThings app by account linking.

As soon as you link your eWeLink account with SmartThings, you will be able to control your eWeLink Support devices in the SmartThings app, create schedules in the SmartThings app on eWeLink Support devices, and even create automations to have SmartThings devices trigger eWeLink devices or vice versa.

Here is how you can link your eWeLink account with SmartThings.

1.Open SmartThings app and tap the + sign.

2.Tap Device

3.Tap By brand , scroll to find eWeLink and tap on it.

4.Select the type of devices to add. For example, we will select Switch/dimmer here.

5.Tap eWeLink Smart Home

6.Select a location and room for your devices.

7.Select your country/region, enter your account and password, and tap Log In .

8.Wait until the linking is successful and tap Done .

  1. You are all set. Your eWeLink Support devices are already in SmartThings app.