Is it possible using the eWeLink SDK create mobile application that connects to the group of device and controlled by application

Hey, I am owner of apparmets and want to equipped them with smart devices ( bulbs, locks, thermostats, blinks) and create applicaiton for mobile ( andorid/ios ) for connecting and controlling them. What I want is easy way ( like no more than several clicks ) to connect to all smart devices in the house ( without mannualy connecting to them one by one ) and control them. So my question - is it possible with eWeLink to develop such applicaiton? or I need to find other solutions or do it manually?

If you mean pairing a new device straight from the box, there is probably no other option than to do it manually.

Unless you mean managing devices that have already been added to the ecosystem. In this case, as much as the ewelink application or web version allows.
Another way is to use API and develop it in your own software… Or use one of several automation combines such as Home Assistant, Node-RED and many others.

Thanks, but what do you mean saying

Unless you mean managing devices that have already been added to the ecosystem

it is okay for me to connect beforehand the devices to the ewelink and then gives the access through mobile app to controll devices. is there any way to handle such thing?

also the way to use ewelink API, after all necessary connections, can I control them from my own software through that API? it would be ideal for me.

To control them, you first need to inform them where to connect… wifi, zigbee, rf433. This rather needs to be done manually per device, one by one, according to the procedure appropriate for a given model.

The ecosystem, i.e. the entire group called eWeLink, which exists primarily for Sonoff. The server part, i.e. cloud, Android/iOS application and web, and CAST app and web and others…

I don’t know what scope of management/configuration you want to achieve and whether eWeLink meets your needs.

API is API, if you create your own application as a programmer you should understand the basics of implementation and functionality.
How much control this particular API gives… I’m not sure, you’ll have to test it.