About eWeLink-Remote Control pilot feature

As iHost is a local server, I would like to know how eWeLink-Remote Control works in this environment. The description in /#/laboratory/remote is extremely ascetic and explains nothing. What if you pair R5 with iHost and create scenes for each button? Suppose you assign a Zigbee device added directly to the iHost to channel 1. Will the control be implemented locally? What about devices connected via eWeLink Smart Home or Paral-sync? In theory, lack of internet access should not prevent control. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Moreover, once the connection is regained, a reboot of the iHost is required. Otherwise, eWeLink-Remote does not work.
One more thing. Do the different eWeLink-Remote gateways running on the same LAN form a kind of mesh network? The official Sonoff materials do not mention anything about this.

Hi, In theory, the remote should use Bluetooth and does not require Internet.
we’ll look into the system logs you submitted before.

The eWeLink-Remote Sub Device can be used without LAN on the iHost.
If you use it as the “IF” of the scenario and the iHost Zigbee Sub Device as the “THEN”, the scenario will work fine without LAN.

Hi, I actually added eWeLink-Remote to the scenario as “IF”, and inside “THEN” is the iHost zigbee subdevice, when the iHost is in no LAN state, the eWeLink-Remote still triggers the scenario normally after the iHost reboot.

The eWeLink team checked the logs you submitted and found that the stubs were incomplete.
If you do experience a situation where you can’t control your device after a reboot, please turn on the iHost syslog switch and feed complete logs for analysis when you encounter problems, Thx.

I experience lost control through eWeLink-Remote Control pilot feature randomly and occasionally. You never know when it happens. To regain control, you need to reboot. It in NOT that the control is lost after reboot, as you wrongly assumed. I do not reboot on regular basis :blush:

Now about iHost syslogs. Provided that problems with eWeLink-Remote Control pilot feature randomly, how do you suggest to obtain logs that are good for you? Let me stress once again that the problem was introduced with v. 1.12.x. So maybe you compare and find differences (changes)?


I have an R5 scene set up in Ihost to control the MINIR4 device. But the Scene only works via LAN/WLAN. After disconnecting the LAN cable, Ihost does not use the ewelink-remote network to perform the scene.

If I add R5 to nspanel pro, I can control MINIR4 without access to the WLAN, but I have to set the scene in the eWeLink application.

I have a R5, MINIR4 and ihost.

If I add R5 to ihost, it works and I can see R5 in scenes and node red plugin.

If I use the minir4 as bridge to R5, the R5 does not appear in any of the environments.

To be exact: LAN refers to a local area network that connects devices within a limited area, such as a residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building. Ethernet (cable) and WiFi (radio) are the two most common technologies in use for local area networks. LAN is not a synonim of a wired connection. LAN over WiFi is usually called WLAN (wireless LAN).
R5 communicates over eWeLink Remote, a protocol that has nothing to do with LAN.

You’re right. But the thing is that Ihost cannot control the device via eWeLink Remote.
IHOST Receives the ewelink remote signal from R5, but sends the command to minir4 via the router. Zigbee devices added to ihost work normally.

Nspanel pro does not need a router. Controls MINIR4 using the ewelink remote signal.

Did I miss something? How come that NSPanel Pro doesn’t need a router?! It doesn’t communicate with MINIR4 via eWeLink Remote. The eWeLink Remote protocol is for remotes only.

so how do you explain it? if I add the R5 remote control as a slave device to NSPANEL PRO and set automatic scene in the ewelink application to control MINIR4. After unplugging the router, the scene is still executed. (This only applies to MINIR4 and zigbee devices added to nspanel pro.)

If you can, do the test

Is MINIR4 a Zigbee device? I don’t think so. ZBMINI-L2 is.

there is WIFI, but MINIR4 has an ewelink remote gateway

eWeLink-Remote Control MINIR4 is a smart switch with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote”. You can add “eWeLink-Remote” sub-devices, R5 and S-MATE, after pairing with MINIR4, both R5 and S-MATE can act as remote controllers to control MINIR4 locally through the eWeLink-Remote signal.

It is possible that R5 communicates directly with MINIR4. But the local scene will be managed by nspanel

I took the test and I know everything. R5 communicates directly with MINIR4. I turned off Nspanel pro and the router from the power and I was still able to control the minir4.

It is not a scene. Quite simply, R5 connected to MINIR4 switches it on and off. Only 1 button works. No router or network is needed for this.

but R5 is not added to the minir4 gate. It is added to the nspanel gateway.

Where information about functions assigned to a specific R5 key is stored ?

Are you sure?
Presumably with the latest update, NSPanel Pro gained the ability to pair eWeLink remotes in parallel with other devices. I have two R5s paired in parallel with iHost and with NSPanel Pro. This allows me (via Alexa Skill) to run Alexa Routines.
As for the eWeLink Remote… well, not much is known about it. I’ve asked specific questions on this forum a few times and haven’t received a comment from eWeLink guys. All in all, it’s not even clear what type of radio communication is involved. Including your query:

This article What is eWeLink-Remote Control? - SONOFF Official gives an extremely general description that is already outdated.