I really need a new ewelink control product!

I don’t understand what’s the problem with making a request to add a universal infrared remote to ewelink? You can not expect such a product from sonoff, because. it takes a lot of time to develop. But aubess, with which ewelink is already cooperating, already has a universal remote control and you just need to adapt the software for ewelink.

Far from I know eWeLink does have a universal infrared remote controller years ago, but I think that the Code various from Brands and always changes, it is hard to the guys to integrate or compatible all the Code, so that I think they make their decision don’t to continue this product.

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I do not understand what are you talking about. what code, what complexity? There are baumess devices running ewelink. They also have infrared remotes. What is the difficulty, like other devices, to adapt the remote control under the control of ewelink ??? You just need to develop new software for an existing device.

This infrared device is very important, because it allows you to operate really big and small power systems with a very easy and cheap solution.
Please sonoff / ewelink, implement an infrared device (as TUYA does) and bring us the posibility of manage it using webhooks!!


We have forward this product request to SONOFF team, will let you know if they make a solid plan, but for now, no more info i can tell.

Do you have any news about infrared devices support?

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Do you have any news about the infrared?

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good day. Are there any positive results known?

@Daniel_Zhan Does SONOFF have any plans to make a IR universal control?

Yes. IR universal remote control