IR blaster or remote control

Hiya all, has anyone found an IR remote that is compatible with EWeLink?

I have found Cygnett online but can’t find anyone that says it works ok.

If you don’t find something under ewelink, maybe look for Tuya/Hue which you can always pair more or less with ewelink.

Hello @matthewnmoore.

Maybe you can do it using automation with NodeRed and a Zigbee IR Blaster:

The author “Neway Automações” explained how to do it (audio in portuguese, but there is english subtitles).

I didn´t tested yet with iHost, but if works, please owe him all the credit.

Unfortunately you can’t pair that Zigbee device with the iHost’s Zigbee Network. I have tried and ended up connecting it to Zigbee2MQTT.
The BroadLink RM Pro (RF and IR) and their Mini (IR only) don’t need a Zigbee network though as they’re wifi. Haven’t tested it but I’d bet Node Red can send commands to the Broadlinks because there is just a simple wifi interface and they’ve been around for ages. Mine are a couple of generations old but they don’t seem to add much.

If WIFI is an option, this can be done with Tasmota with MOES UFO-R6:

This can be configured as shown by @Teki:

What other options are there?