【Add-on Guide】MQTT2CUBE-Tasmota: sync your Tasmota devices to CUBE

MQTT2CUBE-Tasmota add-on allows you to sync your Tasmota devices to iHost (CUBE) for control.

Make sure you’ve updated your iHost (CUBE) to V1.8

If you have a working MQTT broker and you want to keep using it, skip to step 6

If you want to run a MQTT broker in iHost and connect your Tasmota device, follow the step 1-6

Step 1

Create a volume, name it like mosquittoConfig

Step 2

Run the Filebrowser add-on, select the volume created in step1

Step 3

Open the page of filebrowser, create a new file named mosquitto.conf

add these two lines to the file and save

listener 1883
allow_anonymous true


Step 4

Install and run the eclipse-mosquitto add-on like following:
the green 1889 port can be changed to others, for the red part please keep the same as the pic shows

Step 5

login to your Tasmota device and go to Configuration-Configure MQTT to set the ip address and port
ip=ihost ip, port= the port you set in step4 (green)

Step 6

Run the MQTT2CUBE-Tasmota add-on
fill in the IP of your iHost and the port you set (green) in step4
(if you have a working MQTT broker, just fill in its ip and port)

Run the add-on and you’ll see your Tasmota device
click the Sync button to get access token,and sync it to iHost

For developers
This add-on is open on Github, if you’d like to know how it works, check on github:

I have 44 Tasmota devices, with (according to Home Assistant) 602 different entities!!
With Cube2Tasmota I get 27 devices…
And only the switches!!! So no temperatures, RF signals or power usage!
What’s the point having the devices when I cannot use the environment data to make scenes?

(at zigbee pir3 detect , turn on light and heating at 20%, or 40%, or 80% depending on available light outside from Light sensor, during 10,20,30 minutes depending on area temperature and solar production)

a number Scenes like this should manage my 100m² home with ease when my MS strikes again.

You can sync to 27 devices, at least shows that this addon can work - at present we only do the switch type device access, the next version will add the adaptation of the lamp type device. We will gradually add support for various capabilities - although we can’t guarantee support for all tasmota device capabilities, we can only try to adapt the simpler and standard capabilities.

Please note: this is only an open source demo of the MQTT protocol to the CUBE API - we have only verified the process of connecting tasmota devices to ihost via MQTT Broker.

Also - this addon code is open source and can be modified by anyone to add support for other capable devices in tasmota. The same - slightly modify the protocol conversion part of the code, can also achieve access to ESPHome devices