IR wifi remote universel

please what are the (IR wifi remote universal ) compatible with ewelink? thank you


This device is the same as from TUYA, but working on ewelink, and allows you to manage Air Condicioner without an S26 cuting energy; if you send an ON or OFF order to your Air Condicioner, It can follow its own procedure to start and stop. It also must allow you to integrate into Scenes and webhooks…

I asked ewelink support, he told us that there is no product (IR wifi remote) compatible with ewelink app at the moment!

have you tried to add this tuya product to ewelink app? and it works correctly?


I manage a programmable device (arduino) to read kW IN and OUT of my photovoltaic instalations, depending the power and energy available every second, it switch ON and OFF multiple ewelink devices.
The problem is with Air Condicioner, the S26 device cuts off too hard, that’s why I tried with IR device, but can’t find it supported by ewelink.

web.ewelink allows you to use the API via webhook, to make it very easy, but TUYA doesn’t have this feature.

Maybe someone knows how to do it: connect TUYA device to ewelink OR a new IR device supported by eWelink