eWELINK & TUYA SMART compatibility

Hello everyone,
I ordered a Sonoff Wifi Relay module, 1 Channel DC 5-32v Wifi for opening my gate.
I managed to install it and everything works fine but for the moment with the Tuya Smart application.
I’d prefer to use the Ewelink app to control this relay module.
My question is: is this feasible and if so, how?

Thanks for your responses

eWeLink doesn’t have the ability to pair with the Tuya ecosystem? I think there was something once, but if not, https://sequematic.com

There isn’t any native functionality. You can do it through home assistant, homekit via homebridge or node red. Also, if the appliances are shown under Alexa you can create a rule between Tuya and eWelink.

Then OP, you can pair both Tuya(Smart Life) and Sonoff(eWeLink) at https://sequematic.com and try to manage it that way. Alternatively, via webhook and scenes in the ewelink application. If the cloud is not a problem…

Just put it simple, eWeLink and Tuya are two companies without any partnership at all, like you can’t pair the gadgets from Philips to Samsung, right?

Philips Hue can be paired in multiple ways to Samsung Smartthings so that’s not really a rule that competitor companies don’t integrate products. Depends on situations, commercial interest or in some cases of course when a developer can find a way.

Basically every aggregation platform can work. Alexa, google home, homekit (homebridge), home assistant; or any flow management platform like FFTT, node red or node red. You have only to check if your appliances are shown under those platforms.

For example, apart from my ewelink world, I have three Tuya appliances, ie a wifi thermostat that is shown in the Tuya app, in Alexa and not under ihost, a wifi gas sensor that is shown in Tuya app, not in Alexa nor in ihost and a ZigBee current monitor that is shown in Tuya app, in ihost (even if it doesn’t work as expected) and not in Alexa.

All of them works very well under home assistant and homebridge with the advantage that the latest one is fully supported by ihost while with home assistant, under ihost, you cannot install plugins but only hacs and the disadvantage that homebridge doesn’t support any native automation but you have to use an apple homekit device.

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I am fully aware of this. :slight_smile: The OP asked, not me.

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