Blank power consumption pages, no info whatsoever (POW and POW R2)

Hi, I own 5 POW R2s and 2 POWs exactly because I need to monitor the energy consumprtion on several devices.

The last 1-2 weeks on 6 out of 7 I can’t see the power consumption (app->POW/POW2->Consumption->Daily Consumption) while on the one I can it’s like 1 out of 20 times…which defeats the purpose I bought them in the first place!

Screen captures available although I can’t see how I could attach them.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, is the device under LAN control? Please check again after disabling LAN on the device settings page.

That did it, thanks.

That wasn’t always the case, if there a problem with your implementation, something that you will fix in the near future?

Because honestly I am a bit hesitant to operate my switches with the LAN disabled (in case of problematic Wifi connection, problem with your servers etc.).

Thanks in advance.

Hi, you can install previous version 4.25 it work for me. I have Lan control enable. You remember turn off auto update in Google play store .

I am pretty sure I can’t choose the version I would like to install, the current is 4.26.1 and it’s been downloaded from the Playstore. Unless I can find the 4.25 apk from a reliable source, I can’t see how I could do that.

If I unistall the update chances are I’ll end up with a pretty old version.

I have apk from here Pobierz eWeLink APK - 4.25.0

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You may have it but I don’t know nor trust this site. In fact I wouldn’t trust anything else other than the Playstore and the eWelink site to be quite honest but thanks for the info.

I have disabled and enabled the LAN control. It didn’t resolve the issue of download the consumption report.

That’s correct, downloading the report is a no go, just tried it, it just doesn’t do anything (always with the LAN off).

Any suggestions from he Staff of eWeLink?

I also have the same problem. I can’t download consumption. I’m sure it was working earlier.

It started on October. All my PoW devices do the same. Check the date, it shows 2022.00 it should be 2022.10

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Thats is probably true. I have not used mine during the summer. I connected it this weekend and found that i could not download the consumption. When i press on the download button, it thinks for a while but nothing happens.

Sheesh what do you run through this thing. 27kwh.

Mine stays blank, I can only see current usage, not even daily. I reset my app and data, did not help.

Can we bump this for the dev/s to see.

We bought the POW devices for a reason.

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It is a TH16 so it should handle the load just fine. The fuse it 10 amps. Im using it to measure energy consumption on our caravan.

I had to disable “lan control” to se daily consumption.

In my caravan i have eight Sonoff devices. All of them randomly goes offline.

I find it unstabe and i cant trust it. So i have decided to replace all my devices with an other brand

Same here, blank page. …
=> I think bug in update, installed apk version V4.25.0 this works fine :wink:

Hi there, please install the eWeLink app via this link.

Hi there, yes, we will improve this part in the future.

Same issues here in NL. Strange thingh: I have a a second home in the same app. Locates in France. All powermeters work fine in France.

I have the same problem. The power consumption works only if I disable the LAN. This is on the ewelink app. Can that be displayed on the desktop version eWeLink Web? There I can see only the Power/Voltage/Current live.

It is not displayed again, with LAN OFF