Power Watt, Current and Voltage Informations are wrong

Device ID: 1000fd0e80
FW Name: PSF-B67-GL
Current Version: 3.5.0 Latest Version

Power, Current and Voltage values are stuck sometimes.
Not changing even if I turn off the device.
I have several devices have this problem.
Please check and relase new firmware to fix this problem.


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Hi Please ①try to turn off the device and see if the Power and Current value change to 0 within 10s, ②unplug the device to see if the Power, Current and Voltage values keep the same and show offline.

Device ID: 1000fd96b
FW Name: PSF-B67-GL
Current Version: 3.5.0 Latest version

My connected device eats between 2250W and 2255W.

I hit power button at the eWeLink IOS App. (Power off)

I see 0W Power 0A Current correctly after 15 seconds.

I hit power button at the eWeLink IOS App. (Power on)
15 seconds…
I see 647.92W and 3.33A

My device eats between 2250W and 2255W now.
Yes I m sure my device eats it. I also use manual power meter and I see how much power is gone.
But EweLink App shows 647.92W
This is the problem. It happens on all eWeLink devices.
Please fix the problem.

There is no any problem of wi-fi conenction.
I can power off and power on without any problem at any time.


When it shows 647.92W, and then the value is around 650W and won’t change to 2250-2255W? or it will change to the normal value(2250W-2255W) after a few minutes?

It changes sometimes in a few minutes, it changes mostly in a few hours.

If the network connection is fine, the app should get the correct value faster, we will look into the hardware side, thank you for the feedback.

The network connection is fine. Everything works well. The only problem power consumption value. It sometimes is correct, sometimes false, sometimes 0W. Still waiting for support. Have you ever try with your device yourself ?

Yes, I tried, It can display the right values.

Please watch these two videos.
The eweLink app shows correct values or 0W or wrong values sometimes.
Every eweLink device has the same problem for me.

Depending on your weather sometimes the compressor kicks in so it will consume more power sometimes only the fan running so it will use much less power .