Power Consumption Report Problem

I uninstall the ewelink app from my phone. I reinstall it from App Store. The feedback works now. Thanks for nickname Erin ewelink forum member. (Feedback Report Problem)

Finally, I sent feedback one of the device by selecting “Upload corresponding information” successfully.

Device ID: 1000fd096b
Device Version: 3.5.0

The device is the Ewelink Circuit Breaker. Power on / power off function works well.
I have a mining rig on this circuit breaker. The mining rig eats around 2310W.
I power off the circuit breaker. I wait 30 seconds. I power on the circuit breaker.
The mining rig will eat around 2310W in 5 minutes. The mining rig eats around 2310W all the time.
The mining rig eats around 2310W acording to my power meter device now.
But the ewelink software shows 0W power consumption although 14 minutes are gone.
Please help me to fix this problem.

I can send more feedbacks with the other devices informations if you need them.
I also can share the device with your ewelink user. So, you can check it.
Please find a proper solution for this problem.

Is it possible to add a refresh button for power consumption information ?
I think there is a problem while sending power consumption information to ewelink application.

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Our techs are checking this further and I’ll let you know if there’s progress.

Could you please send us all the IDs of the devices with the wrong data and remark what the problem is with each?
It would be very helpful if you could provide us with a few more videos of other devices.

We checked that your device with ID 10013bcb5f cannot detect the wattage itself. It should be a malfunction of the device. Please ask the seller of the device to apply for after-sales service.

For other devices, we will wait for your reply and check them one by one.