eWeLink Web Power Monitoring not updating

I have subscribe to the eWeLink Web. I am disappointed that their device that have power monitoring does not update automatically until you open the eWeLink phone app on consumption screen then the Web site updating the power usage. Why this is not updating automatically when changes occurred. This also cause my Home Assistant intregration not updating. But my TUYA power monitoring update every changes in value. I might have to switch to TUYA devices if not resolved soon. The device I am using the SPM units. I have submit tickets to Support but no respond at all.

I have a similar problem running a POWR320D. The power readings are fine in the phone app but if I try and access through the API then they only get updated after an hour or so (or when an update is triggered by logging onto the app). At the very least I would expect a 5 min update but preferably also on demand. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the API description that tells you how to do this and whilst there is some brilliant coding on GITHUB around this subject I have yet to find something that addresses this issue.

Hi, you mean the History Power usage on web wont’ refresh until you open the app and enter the consumption page, right?
I’ve forward this to our dev-team and are waiting for their response, will keep you updated.

No, no. The eWeLink Web page on power consumption not refresh/update automatically. When I turn on the SPM device, the Power Consumption does not show updating to reflect the power/volt/amp usage.
Only when I open the phone app on the power consumption page it refresh the eWeLink webpage.
The eWeLink web page need to refresh more frequently when the device power changes.

This is only on the eWeLink Web page. I paid for yearly subscription already. eWeLink web page need to show any power changes on the device on the web page. Nothing to do with the history power page.

Thank you for the details, we’re doing some test right now.
feel free to reply if you have any further questions.

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hi David,
For your questions, just communicated with the development team, indeed the api interface data is updated every hour, currently we have no plans to change it as changes need to modify both the device and the api.
may I know why you need to modify this?

I would like to be able to code decisions based on the power being used by the device and the power I have available. It would appear that the ewelink app can get this information but it isn’t available through the api at the refresh rate I need. Other manufacturers such as those that make TAPO devices do make this information available and I am successfully using them. The advantage of the Sonoff device is that it has a high amp rating but I guess I will have to look elsewhere for a solution.

Any plans on fixing this? Getting real time values in Home assistant will enable us to make automation based on consumption.