Dear Ewelink Team This is That we Want to your APP

We want the possibility to can set in the EWELINK APP that:

If Power Meter Monitor READ a certain value
Than we can choose to TURN OFF another DEVICE

I know that is possible to Make this whit IFTTT but IFTTT now it’s to payment.

In this moment TUYA and SMARTLIFE give this possibility FREE.

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Thanks for your suggestion and sorry for the delay response, this is a useful scene and we are considering take it into the scene setting later, but what we indecision is that there are limites by the capabilites of IOT device, which the data report is not timely, usually every 10 to 30 minutes report to the server, which may cause some actions run much more later than we think it should be.

I use Pir3-RF all over my house and lately I’ve been having some crazy troubleshooting. They’re going on and off like crazy. Without anyone near. Is anyone experience this?

Replace battery….