Where is LOG Data on Ewelink Web App?

Can anyone advise by what time we will get LOG Data on Ewelink WEB App?
I am unable to find it.

Hi there,

Currently, users can export power consumption data of power metering devices and historical data for temperature and humidity devices/sensors on eWeLink WEB. Regarding the “LOG Data” you mentioned, it refers to device logs. However, the option to export device logs is not available on the WEB at the moment. We are planning to introduce this feature in the coming August.

Thanks a lot for guiding. I am already using Ewelink web link and thought this as an essential feature. As just to look in to the LOGS i have to open my mobile app and check. Which is actually a difficult task.

Can you also advise on one more thing that i am also unable to set schedules for my 4 CH relay boards of SONOFF via ewelink web app? Why is that?

Hi there,

Great news! The ability to export device logs on eWeLink WEB is now available. In the latest WEB V3.0 Beta 2 release, you can go to the device settings page and find the “Logs” section for devices that are already supported for control on WEB.

Please note - if you don’t currently see logs for a particular device, it may not have been integrated yet. Feel free to share the device ID with us and we’ll prioritize getting it added.

Thank you for your patience and feedback - it really helps drive our product development. Please try out the new log exports feature and let us know if you have any other questions!

Hi There,

is there the possibility to perform an automatic data consumption daily or weekly, without doing it manual… the solution could be a webhook call that returns in csv or excel format the data consumption like now (day / hour )