Is possible download status records of sonoff device?

Hello, I have a question, I use to many devices with Ewelink support, now some of my customers want to download status report of ewelink, but I can’t copy information for ewelink app, pls help!.

Thanks In advance!!

Hi there, may I ask which type data it is? ON/OFF record or power consumption, or any others.

You can download history file from

Only on/off records

Hello jbadran, could you explain me the steps for download on/off records of web?. I can’t found the option. Thanks In advance

Hi, you can check the device logs from App - Device Settings - Logs, but there is no button to download it currently. May I know the reason why your customer needs the ON/OFF record file?

In the next version of eWeLink Web , we will provide the function of displaying and downloading operation logs of switch devices.

At present, operation records can be seen through the “log” option in the “settings” of the App side, but it cannot be downloaded. We think that downloading on the App side is not convenient, so we will put the downloading function on the Web side used on the PC and provide Excle or Csv file download.


Hello, Stephen, my customers use sonoff device to confirm when they complete their process in a factory. So history records help them to make a dashboard of production time of each process, currently they make it manually, so it easier if Ewelink app will have download log records function

Hello Alexis,

Do you know when the next version of ewelink web will be release?

Hi @StephenJ where in the WEB, as @p.reynaj ask, you can view or download the Logs?
The whole idea is to be able to see and download the device history from the WEB site, and not just looking at the Mobile App.

Second, maybe the @p.reynaj customer want to analyze their data.
I say this, cause one the things that I like to do, is precisely that… Make a dashboard with all the data my devices logged.

A new version of the eWeLink Web is currently expected by the end of April

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