Logs - problem dont get all records

Im use advance plan for logs but when i try download file i didnot get all records

Why this wont working right?

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Hi, currently exporting records for Sensor devices from the WEB only supports exporting records from the past 3 days. If you need the complete record content, please go to the device’s record page on the app to download it. At the same time, the request to export all records for sensor devices from the WEB has been forwarded to the WEB team for evaluation. Please stay tuned with us!

I wrote to support and got a reply that e.g. the door sensor only allows to download data for the last 3 days and so do most other devices (that I have tried). Until when it will be set like this and if it will ever go normally to the entire LOG as it is displayed in the APP, I did not find out. That’s just the Advanced plan website :slight_smile:
For a long time, it only allows you to download TH 1X only via the web, SNZB-02 web {as an XLSX file} and from the APP {only as a CSV file}, TRVZB only from the APP and for all of them since 29.11.2023, and for the POW device it did download the last 4 months, but February was only zero, so I don’t know exactly how long.
As for downloading in the APP, I only found it there with SNZB, POW and TRVZB. I didn’t find it at all with the other devices (certain functions or displays should have the same location on all devices, such as downloading logos, battery power…, which is not the case today, there needs to be a battery indicator somewhere on the left - wifi door sensors and a blue display, elsewhere on the right and in green - ZB device outside the door sensor, there it is again on the left, but in green). So where to look for it in the APP, for example downloading the logos for the door sensor?

Hi, thank you for your feedback. I apologize for the previous misleading guidance. After re-checking, the app does not currently support downloading records of door sensors. I have shared this request with the APP team, and I will update you on any assessment results regarding implementing this feature.

Regarding the implementation date for this feature on the eWeLink WEB, we aim to implement it in the July or August release.

Concerning the issue of inconsistent display locations for the same device type, I have also reported this to the APP team, and we will work diligently to enhance the UI quality.