Ideas & Suggestion on the upcoming "Device Consumption"

Device Consumption :boom: A feature that helps to count your device’s power, and see the chart…Do you have any further ideas about this?
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The ability for the unit to send a notification automatically when consumption reaches a set value. Example when consumption hits x watts, notification is set. Or when consumption hit x value of daily usage notification is sent.

Examples of use:

When your washing machine is no longer consuming power - notification your laundry is ready.

Example 2
If water pump stays on for longer than x minutes notification is sent. This will notify you of possible leak or stuck Pump.


This ability would be useful !!!

it was important to have a European version socket with consumption meter . I don’t understand how you still don’t have that functionality in your European version sockets.

About the eWeLink Camera app installed on a smartphone. It would be very interesting if this app you could About the eWeLink Camera app installed on a smartphone. It would be very interesting if this app could inform the linked device of the state of charge of the battery. So we could turn off and on the charge of the smartphone when it is above 80% (for example) and turn on when it is below 20% (for example), from the linked device.

Measuring current consuption. Ideally in Amps ar mAmps. Need to measure all my windows motors to set the overload limit.

Button full open and full close for motor directly in mail screen as it is for lights and sockets.

Device Settings - Overload protection
You can set the maximum/minimum value for the current watts, voltages, and amps

I am familiar with that, but I need to figure out, at first, what is nominal current values. Have no idea what is “normal” and what is “overload” for motors. Each of my motor do have different size / lenght shade. Idea is, to avoid iterrupting all the wiring with ampermeters.

Far from I know, eWeLink doesn’t make nor sale their own devices, their partner like SONOFF have a few DIY switches with power monitoring, also expected they launch plugs or sockets with this feature, DIY is not fit to anyone.

Great idea, @yitie yitie, you guys should evaluate this.

Get, i think there is an open API from OS for apps to get the battery info of the phone, let’s see how to integrate this.

BTW, some users achieve this automation by IFTTT, when the phone’s battery low than X% then trigger a device, like the charger breaker.

Simple automations to avoid overload. Let’s say you have 10 outlets metered, some with plugs, some with internal device… and you set a role… no more than 3kW then define priorities… the order with which the devices are powered off to go below the 3kW
that would be super great

It sounds great, but I think to set a group and limit will be great, more simple, like setting a limit for a group of devices, when the consumption is almost reach the max, then turn off.

I think group monitoring will be helpful.

my problem is what to switch off :slight_smile: for example:
phon - is on a different plug every time
oven -
washing machine
sewer pump

If I group them then and two or three of them request power at the same time I cannot disconnect them all together

What I would like is to define an order like: What to disconnect first:

  1. dishwasher
  2. washing machine
  3. oven -
  4. phon - is on a different plug every time
  5. sewer pump

so the devices will be disconnected in that order and powered back after an ammount of time I can define for everyone

so the complete schema should be

  1. dishwasher - after 5 min
  2. washing machine - after 10 min
  3. oven - after 15 min
  4. phon - is on a different plug every time - after 5 min
  5. sewer pump - after 20 min

so the system tries to power back and if over power disconnects again

Also we need a message when auto disconnect happens or the reconnect as some of the devices could NOT recover the status, so for example my over will not restart the cooking but I have to manually restart it