How can I trigger by powerconsumption

Hello Guys,

I use a washing machine with another place of my house with ewelink smart plug. My washing machine is not a smart device thereby I do not know when the washing program is finished. My question should be how can I send a notification when the power consumption is below than “x kw”.
Do you have an idea?

Br, Andras

Is the smart plug have power monitoring feature? If so, the OPS settings would be help.

Let’s say when the washing is finished, the power consumption is lower than 10W, so setting an auto-off action based on that, then the machine will turned off when the smart plug monitered 10W below and you will get an app notifacation of the device off.

Can you elaborate on how to do this? Thanks.

Check this eWeLink app feature: Overload Protection System settings #smarthome #shorts - YouTube

Smartplug and Home assistent

Continuing on that, you should also use a delay time, as the washing machine does not consume the same power while operating (continuous consumption of power, let’s say 50W). But in fact, it varies depending on program set (Wash, heat, spin & some time pause for moments)

If power < 10W for say 2 min, then turn power off

Abdelrahman Mostafa