Fuse Devices



I just install today a few smart Fuse devices (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000599724077.html)

and I have several improvement requests:

  1. any limits that are set over the app in OPS section should be displayed “in red” on screen card. This is quite critical information, especially when we are talking about the allowed Ampers. By default, those fuses allow 63A, which is too high and not safe. For Lights it should be 10A, for oven - 16A… this information is critical for correct setup

  2. total power consumption per day (or per hour) as a part of the default card information. Will be great to have this as an option.

  3. Will be great to display the max values tracked by device: Min/Max/Avg Power, Min/Max/Avg Voltage, Min/Max/Avg Current;

I plan in close future to replace all fuses by a smart one, so smartness in controlling them all as a group will be great to have. Will be great to display them all as a one big switch with multiple channels. Just imagine that you can convert a set of fuse devices to a switch with multiple channels, with custom name for each channel and union of the devices.

Thanks a lot! Waiting for new releases!


As for the “red” tips, it’s hard for eWeLink to tell what exactly the limit is, different cases with different allowed Ampers, so we strongly recommended the OEM partners to make the devices far safety beyond the standard like the maximum Ampers.

AS 2 and 3 suggestion, I think the consumption charts in the device control page and the energy dashboard feature could help a lot, eWeLink Energy Dashboard in Pliot Features Now Available! Need More Feedback From YOU!.

Groups feature and name customizable would be the solution for NO.4.

Thanks for the ideas, free to post any new try out you may have.

Always mark in red when limit is NOT defined! And if it set, just show it.