eWeLink Web Updates: Search Box, Public Browse and More devices supported

Following are the planned version updates and the estimated time.
If you have any suggestions or ideas, please feel free to leave a comment.

:dizzy:V3.0(Beta) Released on 2023.8.17

What’s new in eWeLink V3.0(Beta)
:point_right:Revamped layout
eWeLink WEB now has a modern, clean look that’s easy to use.
:point_right:Enhanced stability and compatibility
We optimized the underlying service infrastructure to deliver fast response and smooth & seamless performance as you control and monitor your devices.
It’s fast, secure and easy to log in the WEB by scanning a QR code.

Explore the latest version of eWeLink WEB and take advantage of everything it has to offer!

In Planning

View & export device logs
Export the consumption data for all power meter devices with a single click

What can do with the Web

• Choose the devices to show on Dashboard.

• Search box to locate the device.

• Manage devices and scenes via any browser.

• Upgrade all devices in one click.

• Download electricity consumption data.

• Setup Cast dashboard.

Please make eWeLink Wab. free for costumer

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version 3.0 Beta is very Bad bad bad .

So far, the first findings, many functionalities are still “Under Construction”, so we will see later, so for now … version 2 had some better (simpler) displays. The temperature and humidity were immediately visible without having to click on the device (with SNZB, temperature and humidity are displayed in version 3), likewise with POW, Power, Voltage and Current were also immediately visible. Devices could also be turned on and off instantly, now it’s always more clicking to see the values and then back again :frowning:

I believe that it will be improved and simplified again, just like the great display of the battery on ZB devices (even on DW2) immediately on the main panel.

Furthermore, it would be great to add data export for all devices with temperature and humidity in one click :slight_smile:

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very bad display on V3.0
No datas direct displays. Old dashboard is good.



eWeLink Web is supposed to be a Progressive Web Application (PWA) and its not nearly as mobile friendly as it should be. I wonder if the developers ever test eWeLink Web on mobile devices to make sure responsiveness is working correctly. Its a horrible web application to run on a mobile device and I assure you most people use mobile these days. I’m a PWA and Materiel UI developer, and I can sure you eWeLink Web is not near industry standards for mobile browsers.

My thoughts, devices with sensors (Power/Amps/Volts/Temp/Humidity etc) need to display the values without the need to click/tap on them. Also the refresh function is important because often the devices just go dead and need to be woken up.


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