Control ewelink on your website via PHP

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Hi there!

I recently finished and released my API controller for ewelink devices.

Current features:

  • get all devices list with their parameters using deviceId or deviceName from ewelink app
  • saving devices data and other outputs from API to .json
  • search for any value of each device (f.e switch status, productName, MAC etc.)
  • set any parameter/state of device using HTTP gateway or websockets
  • set parameter for multi-channel devices (like 4CH Pro)
  • debug all requests and responses to debug.log

It was fun with programming and Im using it for my home panel. From my perspective is very easy to use, cause i didnt put any dependiencies on the code, so almost every hosting should handle it :slight_smile:

I would be happy if you will try to use it and give some feedback.


Today released :slight_smile:

Device Monitoring 2.6.5

Its a simple panel which is using ewelinkApiPhp class which features:

  • fetching all the devices connected to you ewelink mobile app
  • choosing parameters to monitor live with changelog and websocket statistics
  • switching ON and OFF the device
  • changing EVERY parameter of the device

This is kind of test environment to check if class is working as it was designed.

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looks sleek! :star_struck:

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Thanks! As always the plan was to make it only for internal tests, but why notr released in public and maintain :wink:

Hope it helps someone. Have a nice day folks!