eWeLink API doesn't works


API doesn’t works

Wifi Smart Switch SOnOff

I have a problem with the API using NPM library eWeLink-API, the smarts switches are turning off automatically and we can turn on using the mobile app but not using the API.

Anyone else have this problem??

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Me too

Had a similar problem recently. Have a BOT supervising when L2’s come back from power outage on MUSIC mode, to turn them back to normal mode and turn them off. It was using EWELINK-API + WEBSOCKETS to be able to control and L2 RGB controller that is no supported by the regular API.

I realized that what used to work, stop working cause the message you have to send the devices changed format. Properties name changed. Also the token API you get after loging into the API does not allows me to send commands anymore, but if I wait for a message from the API and get the API token that comes from that message I am able to send commands and change the status of the L2 like I used to do before.

Hope this helps you to find the issue.