Motion sensor added but no motions detected

I have added 4 motion detector (snzb-03) on the nspanel.

But I don’t get any motion detected.
Have removed them and added them , still no motions detected.

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Did you add 4 snzb-03s to NSpanel Pro?

Hi Erin,

i have added them in nspanel to, i see them there, but also there no detections.

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I have the same problem, added one detector, comes on to the panel fine, also on the app… no detection at all.
I also have 3 devices going off line on the panel and app as well.

Mine are online, but nothing when I wave, walk etc

Same with mine, now i have not danced infront of it, waved and walked… but no dancing! :smile:

@kloenie @dconn1 Hi there, the team is locating the issue now. I will get back to you once there is an update to you!

@dconn1 I think you need to try the dancing…
I think 2 or 3 numbers of your favorite artist… :joy::joy:

@StephenJ thanks, overall I am very happy with the ewelink products.

First time I have something dat not works good.

Mine are online, but nothing. No motions detected. Mine is zigbee. 4 Uds
I have 4 units that do NOT detect movement. I have them with zigbee controller. I can’t use the security system. it does not work.

I’ve the same problem. My SNZB-03 PIR sensor connected correctly with NSPanel Pro stuck on motion detected state. Removing the battery, buying a new battery, pairing again will not solve the problem. In the eWeLink app, the status is also stuck, but I have the impression that eWeLink Web is correctly displaying the date and time the motion was detected. No data available in the eWeLink App history and in the NSPanel Pro history. When I pass the sensor I see that it lights up red. This means, in my opinion, that it detects movement correctly.

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I’ve the same problem.

@StephenJ got more info for us ?

@StephenJ or anybody , what can we do ?

@Erin Please help to check this issue.

Would you please submit a feedback ticket within the App?

I have the same problem.
Repeated the procedure, erasing the SNZB-03, many times to the ZBBridge-P and the problem is confirmed. Sometimes only one of them works and the other does not detect movement. Other times neither of them detects movement.
Do you have any solution for this? Can you contact me when they can determine the problem?

Delete the sensor, reset it and install it again

I deleted the sensor (snzb-03), reset it and installed it again and it does not work.

I also changed the gateway from SONOFF Zigbee Bridge to SmartWise Zigbee Bridge Pro to extend the range and support scenes.

The sensor is located around 4 m from the gateway (partly blocked by the wall / window), but it is offline. With the previous gatway I at most got 1 detection, but when motion was detected (and triggered a scene script), it did not work anymore. This was (probbably) due to ZBBrige so I changed it, but it is the same with the new gateway (supporting scenes, extended range…).

I do not think that range / distance is a problem, but something related to scenes.

Any ideas? Tnx.

I’m seeing a similar issue, was there any updates on this problem?