[Alexa related issue]Sonoff devices are automatically and randomly turning off

From what I read here it does not give me any confidence that this will be solved in the short term, since the brand is not clear what the problem is, it gives the impression that it is all improvising, I in total have two locations with all sonoff and I will have to remove all the devices and never use this brand again, you can not have a problem like this of connectivity And that it lasts for months and there is no solution

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I have 3 mikrotik AP , with multicast helper enabled, and offering NTP to clients, and none of my sonoff devices were affected by the bug, all working fine…

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After turning off the main electrical panel and waiting for 2 minutes before turning it back on, all the Sonoff devices started working again. So, both the electrical and network parts were restarted, and it seems to have solved my problem. Thanks to everyone for the help

We’ve checked your device log and the triggers came from Alexa, please double-check if you set any routine or manual scene.


No that’s not correct, the entries in the log that say “Alexa” are expected. After the device was doing its errooneous reboots I then had to use Alexa to switch it back again to test. So basicallly the reboot and state changed we’re not logged, just the ones that I triggered via Alexa. Hope this makes sense. I was hoping you were able to see more verbose logging than the basic info info I could see

I have the same issue here in South Africa. I have around 80 devices. They randomly switch off by themselves. It states device triggered when I check the log on the ewelink app, . I’ve tried DHCP settings, only when I RESERVE/BIND an IP the problem stops. The issue is that I can only reserve 40 IP’s only my router. Most routers have the same problem.

I’m not sure why Sonoff/Ewelink is ignoring their customers !?!
Come on guys… We need your help!

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Here is said that 3.7.3 solve definitely the issue. Does anyone confirm?
I’ve updated only 2 of my sonoff mini. Other 3 says thar the recent version is still 3.6.0 ?!?

Yes… they made me wait to have 50+ devices to then break it apart. Everyday a new freaking device starts to blink… including nspanel, mini, classic …

Please allow users to rollback some firmware back and also migrate their region. As early adopter I am stuck on somewhere that I cant share my devices and only solution was to do everything from scratch… common… I have devices inside walls and a lot (a loooot) of scenes

Well I have just read through all these posts hoping to find a solution.

But alas, nothing. I have a sonoff basic that has this problem, it is using firmware 3.7.3…
Yes I use Alexa, but triggering by the app or by the button, same result, random turn off within about 5 minutes.
Yes I use DHCP and the number ranges are lower than .30. if i were to hazard a guess what is going on it has something to do with the DHCP implementation. Why do a say this? My network is fundementally stable, but recently I have been testing backup routers. Ie I have several routers and cycle them to ensure the are regularly tested and work in the event of a failure.
Well my problems started when I switched to the first backup device, just one sonoff device kept switching off, it was a minor concern at the time as I was busy with the primary tasting of the backup router. Then I switched to another router and bam, the problem moved to a different switch and the one that was causing the problem, well it’s working perfectly now…

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Same issue here happening on 3 devices for the past 3 days. It happens on a 4ch and a couple of sonoff mini.

Others sonoff mini works fine. All are connected to the same wifi.

They are all set through ewelink to switch on at 7 pm and the switch off at 23:50pm. The units affected controls garden lights.

Sometimes it switches on correctly but randomly it switches off again maybe 4minutes later or maybe 30minutes laters. Sometimes it randomly switches on at 8am and then off again few seconds later.

Device Id 10012ab714. Sonoff 4chr3
Device id 1001284016. Sonoff basicr2

Yesterday log of device 10012ab714

It turns on randomly at 7:48:49am and then off few seconds later.
Then, at 6:59:59pm, the timer switches on the light (that’s how it is set) but 30minutes later it is randomly switched off.

After the last random switch off at 7:27:47pm, when I noticed, I turned on manually the device (4 channel) at 8:34pm. But again, at 8:38:02pm it turns off. I was on alert so I could manually turn on the 4 chanels just a few seconds later. But again, at 8:52 pm it automatically turns off.

Hope it helps you. Thanks for your help!!

The other device log. Note that I changed the timer from 18pm to 19pm to turn on automatically.

Caught caught twilight hour to automatically turn on… :slight_smile:

It simply turns it on and then, few minutes later, turns it off.

The other sonoff working fine. I am just experiencing issues with this two devices.

Do you use Alexa, as we found yesterday, if the Alexa and SONOFF devices are on the same LAN, such an issue will happen no matter if you linking the Alexa and eWeLink accounts or not. Why does this happen? We did not find out the root cause, but the key factor is Alexa. We are working together with some users to find out the root cause.

So if you used Alexa, please try to power off the Alexa and see whether this issue still going on, or you can remove the Alexa from the network and observe the behavior of SONOFF products.

Hope this helps.

Hy Daniel, don’t you have a solution yet? I have used Sonoffs for several years, and extremely satisfied.
So I started building houses now and decided to automate my houses with sonoff mini r2. But then I realized that they do not work very well, I have about 40 devices and almost all of them turn off automatically.
Please include my devices in the fw update lista as well.
I have tried everything you suggested, actually all my iot devices has fixed IP reserved in DHCP table, my 2.4ghz ssid is different from 5ghz, yes I have Alexa in this Smart Home, But 8 amazon echos and some of them embedded on the ceiling, so there is no way to turning off them.
Sonoff claims to be Alexa-ready but it seems not.
Actually I am having some equipments damaged since sonoffs sometimes reboot every minute.
I have all my pool pumps controlled by Sonoffs as well, but now it is being hard to keep the pool clean, since sonoff device powering is not reliable and I need pumps to be turned on for 6 hours daily.
I run Netgear R6400 routers with a managed Cisco Switch in this house, and I already bought a new Asus Rt-AX88u router to give my last try with Sonoffs.
I only didn’t switched to other brand yet because it is a lot of devices so I will loose a lot of money. But I am very disappointed.
This house is being used since December and Sonoffs blinks since the begining. In December was OK, it looked like Xmas decoration, all house blinking. But Xmas has already finished.
Please check waiting for a solution and prompt to help providing tests.


Hi, i have tried all possible fixes and nothing seems to be working. I have tried the following

I first thought that my devices had gone bad so changed a few devices. But that did not work.

I then thought that there was a leakage of neutral, but my RCCBs were not going off. A quick check my the electrician proved that was not the case.

I was concerned that may be voltage is irratic and my grid has gone bonkers so i added a UPS on the line to check if that would do the trick but that did not help either.

  1. My device is on software version 3.7.3. i also manually added back a few devices to check if that helps.
  2. I have ensured that the DHCP range is between 151-255.
  3. I moved all Alexa devices to 5Gz network
  4. Then i moved Alexa devices to a separate router
  5. Then i disconnected the ewelink skill on Alexa
  6. I then tried switching off ip6 on my network. That did not do much so reverted back to having IP 6 in addition to IP 4.
  7. Currently, I have all my Alexa devices disconnected. Powered off. This included Fire sticks as well. All Except alexa on my phone.

After each of these steps that i have taken over the course of last two weeks, i have restarted the router. I cant allocate fixed ips to all my devices. That was the only advice that i haven’t been able to follow on this forum. At this stage, i can confirm Alexa should not be a reason. These devices are all switched off. Please help

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The last time the device above tripped was at 3:03 PM IST

I have 135 devices in use, mainly wall switches and mini, no Zigbee. Firmware which is currently up to date, depending on the device from 1.4.1 to 3.7.3. I use Alexa and Google Home, IP range for Sonoff from to 200, all fixed. DHCP from 230 to 240. AVM Fritzbox as a router, plus various repeaters, all from AVM, all in the mesh. As far as I know, the problem described here has never occurred to me. Various other concerns, yes. But not this one. Am I just lucky or what’s the difference? I would like to understand that.

To whom are willing to help address the issue together, please submit related information to speed up the issue fixed, thanks very much.


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Further update, a few hours after plugging out Alexa devices, i haven’t noticed the devices powering off randomly. It’s been over 36 hours now. So please ignore my comment around unplugging Alexa does not help. Unplugging Alexa devices is making a difference. It has been the longest period of time since my devices have not acted randomly in two months.

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We are working with the Alexa team to trace this device random OFF issue, and trying to isolate possible factors one by one, will discuss with the Alexa team to sort out a checklist or guideline to speed up the process, if you still have this issue exists and are willing to help us, please fill out the survey HERE in Daniel’s post, and will evaluate with Alexa team and get back to you ASAP and loop you with us and Alexa team members separately to further troubleshooting.

BTW, logs from echo devices are critical to locate this issue, and it’s time-sensitive which means the logs may be erased or recovered after the random OFF happens, it’s better that the issue still exists recently or if you can reproduce the issue is the best.

Thank you in advance.

I too had been experiencing this random off issue for the last months but it seems to have stopped after I migrated my Alexa’s echo dot’s (the only Alexa devices I have) to an independent guest wifi.

I left my 10+ sonoff mini devices and a couple of other sonoff devices (dw2 door sensor, and basic sonoff switches) connected to the 2.4 wifi (as they had always been).

I configured my router to broadcast a guest 2.4 wifi network and configured the Alexa dot devices to connect to the guest network.

I then had to block the access of the alexa dot’s to my “standard” wifi (in the MAC address options of the router) because they insisted on reconnecting to this wifi.

It’s been more than 4 days now and I have had ZERO issues!! Happy.