[Alexa related issue]Sonoff devices are automatically and randomly turning off

Hey, friend, happy that isolate the echo works.
Just like my post upper, we are working with the Alexa team to locate the possible reason of this issue, would you please help us with the issue locate progress? Some info and test to-do needed, let me know if it’s OK to you.

Thank you in advance.

Hey, friend, happy that cut the power of the echo works.

Just like my post below, we are working with the Alexa team to locate the possible reason of this issue, would you please help us with the issue locate progress? Some info and test to-do needed, let me know if it’s OK to you.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, I am happy to help. Let me know what you need.
Best regards

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I have mikrotik and never get the errors … I have only 20 devices

Dear Daniel,
Echo dot Alexa version 1 only allows working in 2.4Gz. I have like 5 sonoff 3.5.0. I can’t change the firmware.

Thank you, will get back to you if we and Alexa need more details.

Yo he tenido en mismo problema, lo que hago es que cada vez que uno falla, configuro el router para que le asigne una dirección arriba de los .200 con esto dejan de dar el problema.

So after 2-3 weeks of no issues, things are rebooting again, the catalyst was having to restart my router this evening, immediately after it rebooting I can see the NSpanel randomly restarting and I’m waiting to see which other lights in the house are now effected.
Are you any further forward in resolving this significant bug in your product?

We have clues to find out the root cause, please be patient and I believe that the issue will be fixed soon!

I have a total of 15 Sonoff Mini, I updated them to 3.7.0 firmware except for one which is still 3.6.0, and guess what the 3.6.0 is working without any issue while the 3.7.0 randomly turns off. So it’s clear the latest firmware 3.7.0 had some bugs which are causing this issue.
So why don’t you (developers at sonoff) just check the changelog of 3.7.0 with 3.6.0 and find out what set of code changes caused this issue rather than rolling out new updates suspecting issues with Alexa and network, etc, and in meantime roll back the firmware to 3.6.0 if that is possible.


It started to happen yesterday to me too. Randomly disconnecting.

Happening here too

Seems as if power drops

You see the Wi-Fi led blink

It happens again, so I can’t work

Why not submit a downgrade to 3.6.0 while you are investigating the root cause?

I have to joing to the users who posted here, I have a Smartwise wall switch wich ramdomly goes ON or OFF. In logs list at 11:43:04 in the 22 march 2023, at 05:10:45 in the 10 of march 2023. Please check this befavior also.[en.composer.color_ui_default_text]

It’s a complete nightmare that Itead are not taking seriously. I have around 59 devices and for the last couple of months they’ve been turning on/off randomly, sometimes creating DANGEROUS situations. The Sonoff / eWeLink product is no longer reliable and cannot be trusted. I’ve started a process of migration to Tuya which can’t happen fast enough ! Shame on you Itead for letting down your loyal customers

After a month of working well, this week started to have the same issues again. I found an old switch that have never used or updated its firmware, o placed it in parallel with an updated FW 3.7.3 switch. The updated one keeps randomly switching off, but the one with FW 2.9.0 is working flawless.
I am so disappointed. And the main reason is because many users in this community have express the fact that many of our problems started to happen after we updated the firmware. And Ewelink has not address this situation, and we are having nightmares because our devices are not working as expected.

Truely Sorry for the issue again and it’s suffering us too, we take it very seriously and are working to resolve it ASAP,

Let me clarify and post the solutions verified by some of our users who have the similar random OFF issue,
1, Please do upgrade the device firmware to the latest version 3.7.3, which enhance and stronger the stability of the firmware.
2, If you are using Amazon Echo, This issue may happens frequently, please try to isolate your echo speakers from other smart home devices with different network, like assign a specific SSID for echo speakers.
3, Further based 2, disable the DHCP feature or assign static IP address to the smart devices also help mitigate the issue.

What we are doing now,

We are working with the Alexa team to trace this device random OFF issue, and trying to isolate possible factors one by one, we have located the root and aimed to fix it in NEXT week, and users don’t need to do any modification or configuration.

We also have a updated post in this thread also in Facebook user group, and user like Dave help us a lot during the troubleshooting,

From my real situation, eWeLink is innocent this time, there’s definitely something wrong of Alexa echo, i have isolated my echo plus to a second router with guest SSID assigned, almost 3 weeks, all quiet, everything back to normal.

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I use three SONOFF BASIC R2. I don’t use Amazon Alexa, I use Google home. I’m suffering from a situation where all BASIC R2’s randomly go offline from March 24th and come back after a few minutes.