Widespread reboot issues with MiniR2 and 4CHPro - Anyone else?

Hi everybody. I’m opening this new topic because there is turmoil in the Italian community because since mid-December both the MiniR2 and the 4CHpro relay reboot continuously generating a lot of problems! :exploding_head:
Often they trigger relays by themselves when they are configured in inching mode. There is a facebook channel of Italian Sonoff users where these problems are emerging. Is anyone else in the world experiencing the same anomalies?

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Indeed, this is happening in Lebanon also with several devices randomly. We tried to delete the devices and pair them again, it didn’t work for the Mini R2 and the 4ch pro. Tried to change the SSID and paired the devices again, no luck!
The devices are randomly restarting going back to their power-on state; we don’t know what is the trigger. And, in inching mode, the relays are providing power for around a second and then it cuts off.

Things are getting so weird, we are thinking to remove all the sonoff products and install another brand because this is unacceptable.

I received the following suggestion from Sonoff support team, I cannot try this i the next 11 hours because I’m going to work, can anyone try?

Hi @herve83, yesterday morning I removed the skill and every Sonoff devices from Alexa App. Yesterday evening (and night) the situation seemed back to normal. I didn’t try to change IP address (IMO I don’t think that move ahead the IP from 100 to 150 could be a fix but anyway… Lord works in mysterious ways!).

Hello from Brazil, I had the same problem here, with my sonoffs TX, I fixed it, creating two network, one just for my sonoff devices and another one for my Alexa devices and others. After that, I’ve never have any problem.

Can you give the link of the sonoff facebook page

hello, I tried to change the ip address and immediately the problem disappeared. I had previously unlinked Alexa and Google home. Everything has been working perfectly for 12 hours. This afternoon I will try to reconnect the voice assistants

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@emanuelepennisi87 May you have a status update on this after changing your IP address?

Yes, not good.
After the ip change everything worked, after 24 hours I connected Alexa and it continued to work fine. After 48 hours from the activation of alexa, 36 from the IP change, the problems returned. This time it was the two “Slamphers” (RF and RF2) who presented the problem.
Changed the IPs again and at the moment everything works as it should.

Thanks @emanuelepennisi87 . I will setup wireshark to filter for messages to my test device IP and report.

Hi there, could you please elaborate a bit more your solutions, did you create a new SSID 2.4G? I’ve got same issue 8 sonoff devices between basic, mini and TX

Same problem here since a few weeks. Two nights ago, the Kitchen, my room, my daughter’s room and 1 of the lights of the bathroom turning off. In the morning I changed the condensers I installed a couple of years ago thinking it could be the problem. My daughter’s sonoff mini is barely new and it doesn’t have a condenser installed. I installed it now. No more turning off devices except the bathroom that still remains with the problem, but then, my two other daughters rooms begin with the same problem No new condenser solved it… I uninstalled the bathroom sonoff minis and the one of one of my daughters room 'till we have a solution. I can’t change IPs 'cause my router doesn’t allow me to do it…

Bye! I’ve read of someone who has found a lot of traffic blocked by their firewall. Do you have anything new about your test device?

Are you sure your router can’t set DHCP reservation? Usually every router has this feature…
My router has a limitation of 10 static IPs address, so I’ve just configured a raspberry to make a DHCP server.

Yes, you are right, I can reserve up to 8 MAC addresses in my router. It “solves the problem” but it’s not really a solution, just a patch. Where are you eWelink?

Hello, So the problem is Alexa or Google devices?

Can we confirm if the problem occur only in one device per time?

When I reboot the network the problem seems to pass from one to other device

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UK User, issues occurring across 4 (out of 8) of my Sonoff Basic R2 switches as of 2 days ago. They power off and reboot randomly, many times a day, some almost constantly for hours, all revert to last state setting. Tried removing and re-joining and made no difference, and now Static IPs’ for all devices which seems to have made a difference for now. It’s a new issue and nothing in my setup has changed.

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