TRVZB (v1.1.1) Status (Heating/ Keeping) reporting to iHost

From my own experimental observations it appears that TRVZB only reports its status to iHost on a change of status i.e. from “Heating” > “Keeping” and “Keeping” > “Heating” wheras it reports the ambient temperature frequently. For a future firmware upgrade can TRVZB be able to update its status to iHost more frequently ? (perhaps each time it reports the ambient temperature). This would enable a scene where the TRVZB status is IF to run again and result in a more reliable synchronised lock between the IF TRVZB (as Master) and the THEN Smart Device (as Slave)- Thanks

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Battery powered devices usually report its status when it’s changed, or query by the hub, the battery consumption should be highly considered if constantly report/sync request raised.

Looking at the TRVZB Debug Logs I can see a lot of data such as rssi and temp values- is this in response to the iHost polling the TRVZB to request the data or TRVZB asserting the values to iHost ? I’m not suggesting constant report/ sync request but if the status is refreshed more often it would help bring a scene processes back into sync if they become out of sync.