TRVZB revert to ATO from MANUAL

If I change the TRV setting from AUTO to MANUAL will the system revert to AUTO at the next scheduled ON time ?

Which TRV you are referring to?

Sorry not to have been more explicit. It’s the Sonoff TRVZB

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You need to revert manually.

TIP: I have created two scenes in my eWeLink app. One is called “Boost” (tap to perform type) and the other “Back to schedule” (auto at scheduled time of the day). The first one fully opens the valve:
If (triggers)

  • Tap to perform
    Then (actions)
  1. Working mode - manual, temp set to 30 degrees C
  2. Delay 30 min
  3. Working mode - auto

This is to set fast heating in case you plan to return home earlier or out of schedule, or you just get chilly. It returns to auto mode after the set time has elapsed.

The other one is an auto scene:
If (triggers)
Time of Day - 22h00min
Then (actions)
Smart Device - TRVZB → Working Mode - Auto

This is in case I forget to switch on auto mode overnight.

Both work flawlessly for me. I hope that this helps a little.

Thank you for your very helpful response. Regards Mike

You’re welcome.

What do you think about this: Ideas to implement for TRVZB

I’m away from home at the moment but will take a further look on my return