Ideas to implement for TRVZB

Here are several ideas to implement for TRVZB.

  1. Adaptive Heating feature to make the configured temperature available at the desired time. The radiator control starts heating before the set time. If manual changes are made during this preheating period, the function ends automatically.

  2. Vacation Switching to specify a temperature to be maintained for entire periods when you are absent. After the vacation period has ended, the normal schedule will be resumed as configured. You can define a period during which your home is not heated. After this period is over, the normal schedule will be resumed as configured.

  3. Revert to schedule option, so that after an ad hoc temperature change and after a set period of time, there will be a return to the schedule.

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Our team is evaluating the possibility of achieving a certain percentage for opening and closing so the room temperature curve will be smoother.

For the third feature request, do you mean to set a timer for the switch from manual to auto mode?

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This is exactly what I have in mind. You could also add an option so that a manual ad hoc change is followed by an automatic return to the schedule with the start of the next programmed period.
Of course, this can be dealt with by creating scenes, but it’s not the same. When the TRVZB is in standalone mode (when there is a power outage, for example), scenes do not work, right? Rarely, but nevertheless, such situations do occur and can last for many hours.

Thanks for your explanation. we will consider such a feature request in our development plan.

Greetings, another suggestion on my part is if maybe the NSpanel first generation thermostat functionality can be used to control the Sonoff TRVZB.

At the moment I have set up two manual scenes, one to turn the TRV off and one to turn in up to 35° and added them as widgets, but this is only a workaround way to control them manually.

The thermostat function of the first gen NSpanel would be an excellent way to control the TRVZB and has basically the same layout.

@njdt Found this one mentioning the valve percentage

This would be tricky i guess because in my case the temperature of a specific room having a TRVZB is dependent on the heating system in the house (located in the livingroom). If the main system is not heating then the valve can be open but no heat will be supplied to the specific radiator.

The other problem would be that the TRVZB would have to know how long it takes to heat a specific room from temp A to temp B to allow for “adaptive heating”

@Daniel_Zhan Perhaps the ZBBridge-P could have a “vacation mode” containing these specific settings? This would an easy selection of the mode and gives the option to manage several devices according to this mode.