TRVZB - Revert to Auto Feature

In the app, if a user changes the TRVZB setting from Auto to Manual, there is no automatic means by which to revert to Auto mode. So, if the TRV is set to 20 degrees Celsius through manual mode, even if the schedule is set at 16 degrees Celsius, that setting will be ignored until the user reverts to Automatic mode. This time period could be days or even weeks which may be detrimental. Can this be achieved with EWeLink? If the functionality to include this in the TRV settings is not swift to implement, an alternative workaround could be via an automatic scene to revert the TRV to automatic mode at a specific time, e.g. every hour, but it is tedious to creat 24 scenes so can that be added with some form of macro feature?

Tado, provide this functionality and they also offer the capability to revert to Auto if a user manually controls the TRV dial, allowing the owner to administer how long they may be allowed that manual setting. So take the example of an Airbnb unit, if the owner is happy for the heating to be at 21 degrees Celsius, but the guest wants 25 degrees Celsius for their comfort, they can have that additional warmth but only for a period defined by the owner, or until the time that the schedule changes (generally up to 59 minutes). The owner is able to define 24 schedule periods so can set a specific temperature for every hour of the day.

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I once asked eWeLink staff about this. They replied that the automatic return to schedule function in the TRVZB firmware was not expected and as such would cause confusion. My suggestion was supported by only one user of this forum.
I created scenes with a timer. At certain times all or selected TRVZBs switch to auto mode. This is not the same as returning to auto mode with the start of the next schedule period, but it works effectively.

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@jam3 thank you for sharing your prior experience looking for this feature - I didn’t note it when searching the forum so it would be good to aggregate the need by binding two requests together. For the fact that other manufacturers offer this feature, and we’ve both asked for it, demonstrates the demand. I suspect their initial reaction was a short-sighted push-back, as I can’t imagine an environment where you wouldn’t want it. Aside from an old legacy heating system with a manual thermostat, any modern heating programmer would revert to auto after say 1-3 hours of manual control.


UPDATE : I really should expand this thread to incorporate the NS Panel. While auto scene creation to revert the TRVZB is possible, putting them in manual or auto heating mode etc, the same is not possible with the NS Panel. In NS Panel, you can change the security state of the device but not the heating mode. This seems to be an oversight. Can any EWeLink staff please comment if this has been noted and may be due to arrive soon?


@eWeLink staff, are you able to offer a position on this predicament please?