"Auto Mode On" and "Auto Mode Off" as a state on Scenes and Schedule

When using TH16 or TH10 it would be very useful to be able to use scenes or scheduling to turn the device’s “Auto Mode” ON or OFF (in the same way you can turn the device ON or OFF). The idea would be, in the case of devices with “Auto Mode”, to have the states “Auto Mode ON” and “Auto Mode Off” as an option in scenes or scheduling in addition to the normal states of “ON” and "OFF ".

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May I know why are you asking for this feature?

I have my heating system controlled by 1 TH16+Si7021 in each room, which work in auto-mode in order to keep the temperature within comfort limits that vary depending on the time of day. If for some reason I know that 2 rooms are not going to be used in a given period (e.g. my children are going to sleep at their grandparents’ house) I have to manually deactivate the auto-mode and then remember that I have to activate it again. If you can create a schedule to turn auto-mode back on the next day, it would be much simpler.
Likewise, if I have the heating turned off in a given room and I want to create a scene to turn it on when something happens, I would like to turn it on in auto-mode, otherwise it will heat the room indefinitely (i.e. without turning off when it reaches the desired temperature).

Get, make sence, will talk to our tech-team to check if it’s possible.