Improve scene

Hi. I have a suggestion to improve the scenes. For example, I have a temperature sensor in a room and a sensor on the window. I can’t make a scene when the window is opened to turn off the heat and when the device is closed to switch back to automatic temperature control mode. Thank you

You have two scenes here, right? Scene one works but scene two won’t work. Auto mode is not added to the scene as a trigger or action so you’re not able to create a scene with auto mode.

Your answer is not very clear. Will you be willing to explain? I am trying to do the same thing as the OP. I control the heating using NSPanel and a dry contact relay (I forgot what model it is). Recently I have installed a window sensor in the bedroom where the NSPanel is. I have tried to create a scene where if the window is open the heater relay turns off but the NSPanel turns the relay back on. Will it be possible to create such a scene? Thanks