Scene autodisable when finished

Simply this. very useful

Can you describe the use case?

Very easy. For example, a sensor triggers scene but this has to be done ONCE. For not repeating scene again and again everytime sensor is triggered… for example.
I do not want exotric features. I only want basic and useful features

Are you saying when you enable an auto scene for it to happen once and then disable, so maybe having a Tick box to say happen once when enabled?, or maybe when you crate a manual scenes to control an auto scene to have an option to enable scene for one time only also?

In the mean time if you have a spare device (device x) you could do something like this.

If - Device x is on
- And sensor triggers

Then - whatever you want to happen
- turn off device x.

That way you can turn devices X on when you want the scene to activate and the scene essentially turns itself off.

I’ve suggested virtual relays in the past, which could be used as device x, meaning you wouldn’t have to waste a device for something that programming could

Or you could create a manual scene to disable the auto scene.


If - sensor triggered

Then - whatever you want to happen
- perform manual scene.

But I think your ideas a good one! The programming gets very messy trying to make things work how you want it.