TRVZB summer/vacation mode

Did Sonoff/eWeLink anticipate that the heating season in most parts of the world will end at some point? How do I put the TRVZB into summer/holiday mode? Of course, it is possible to manually activate the ‘OFF (frost protection)’ mode, but then all automations must also be switched off. I would have rather preferred something more clever.

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Looping @Daniel_Zhan

I suggest creating a “Tap to perform” to disable the smart scene related to the TRVZB so that you can switch off the automation easily.

What do I do with scheduling that is independent and stored in a device? Many TRV’s are equipped with summer mode based on calendar and location. It isn’t that complicated to implement.

Group TRVZBs for switching “OFF” to “Auto” or “Auto” to “OFF”.

It would be a workaround?

No, it wouldn’t. If a TRV has been turned down low in the summer, a few months of inactivity could see them get stuck in the “off” position. Each TRV of the smart type should, as maintenance, perform a full closure and opening once a week. This should take place automatically in the off-heat season and independently of the schedule and scenes.

The TRVZB will calibrate itself (open/close once) at noon every Monday in all three modes (Manual/Auto/Off). The indicator will show ”CA“ while calibrating, thus, if you switch off the TRVZB, it will run the calibration as well to prevent the valve from any stuck issue.

How I achieve this is that I have an entry in my TRVZBs smart schedule for every Wednesday 00:00- 00:04 for a temperature of 35 deg C (which seems to be the highest setting for these valves). This causes the valve to open for 4 minutes and then close. As I have an external temperature sensor that will only allow the boiler to function if the outside temperature drops below a pre-set threshold it means that in the summer although for those 4 minutes the valve is open and calling for heat the boiler doesn’t fire up. It is a work around but it works.

It would be beneficial if there was some better consumer documentation for the TRVZB detailing features such as this as we wouldn’t have to implement work arounds for features already built into the device. Can you please confirm that this TRVZB calibration feature is included in firmware ver 1.1.1 (as reported by iHost)
Thiese are screenshots from a TRVZB Debug Log. Is the calibration action:

24 10 (“Voltage:140.8”)
25 1 (“Voltage:140.8”)

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Yup, it indicates that the TRVZB was calibrating.

Thank you.

I use a similar work around. My iHost system uses TRVZBs to control Sonoff 4CH Pro Wi-Fi Switches (1 Channel per TRVZB) to make the Boiler fire up. So for the summer months I intend to leave the TRVZBs on but cut the A.C. power to the 4CH Pro Wi-Fi Switches. As we know to save battery life the TRVZBs report their status on a change of status but after do not report their status very often (if at all). So my challenge was to find a simple way to synchronise the 4CH Pro Wi-Fi Switches with their respective TRVZBs status on power up. If the TRVZB is in “Heating” status the 4CH Pro Switches will not switch on at power up (if they are OFF in the power up setting). As the person using the heating system is not technical or computer literate I have had to make this as simple as possible- just the flick of a switch. So the solution I have implemented is to use a Sonoff Basic Wi-Fi switch parallel connected into the same A.C. supply as the 4CH Pro Switches. It’s configured to be OFF on power up with a loop ON timer of 1 minute. The change of relay state from OFF to ON triggers a smart automatic scene that triggers a manual scene which switches all of the TRVZBs firstly to OFF and then to AUTO this will then sync the 4CH Pro Switches with the status of their associated TRVZB.

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