THr316D sensor -> eWelink delay in temperature refreshing

I bought a sonof THR316D sensor to drive a water heater.
But in ewelink refreshing the temperature value works weird,
I added another temperature sensor in the tank placed with the THR316D sensor.
Reading this sensor, I see that the temperature has been changed, but the eWelink app shows something completely different. After opening the app while switching between pages, the temperature refreshes after a while.
I get a notification from ewelink that the status of the THR13D has been changed → ON or OFF, but the temperature displayed in the application is wrong ;((

Any suggestions?

Mine is the same. I bought it to control pool temperature but find that often the temperature on the display (which is probably accurate) is different to the figure shown on EWeLink (which is up to an hour out of date) and the figure shown in the history is different again… I’m not sure if EWeLink can make accurate switching decisions if it’s data is inaccurate. I’d love to hear if someone has a solution.

Hi, i think switching works correct just sending data to cloud is working weird. Im now in contact with Ewelink support - we will see.

Please let me know if you get any useful feedback. It seems crazy to have to go to the actual sensor to get an up to date reading.