THR316 missing temperature data randomly

Does anybody know why the mentioned device fails to get temperature data? It happens randomly. In the ewelink phone app and in the ewelink HA integration the temperature data is very little. In Grafana there is significantly more data available. An older THR316 work fine, also a TH10R2 works fine. Thanks!

I have the same problem and when I tracked the exchange of messages between th16 and the cloud, I noticed that every several minutes the connection is reset from the cloud side and re-established by th16. The device is offline for only about 2 minutes, so it is not reported by the “no connection alarm” option of the Ewelink application. I didn’t feel like reporting it to them because they wouldn’t respond anyway. Is it just me who has the impression that the employees of the mysterious ITEAD corporation are like Frankenstein - they have created a monster they cannot control ;PPP

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