THR316 with temp sensor dont show temperature in Google Home

Hellow i add my new THR316 to ewelink and conect account with google home. I see THR316 in Google home but i cant control it and dont see temperature. What can be wrong.

Thanks for help

Temperature should be displayed in the Google home app, would you please place any screenshot of the issue?

We are trying to integrate the THR3 in Google home with controllable and sensor’s data displayed, need some time to verification if works.

Thanks for info

Its screen of home page of google home

This is screen after presing the termostat button

If you need something else just write

“Niedostępne” - not available

second question is for SCENES with th16 - i cant build a scene with my termostat in ewelink web, but i can do it in ewelink on android.

when i try to add scene i dont see my TH16

Did your TH16 offline when you create a scene?
Just check with mine, it works

If your issue still there, please let me know your TH16 device ID and check for you.

TH16 is always online, I can’t select the thermostat, it’s not there

in Android APP is ok, i se termostat

ID 1001790aa4

Dev team will fix this, aimed make it possible in NEXT updates.

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hi, is this issue fixed? Can i see Temp/humidity in Google home?

Fixed, please have a try and let me know if any futhur issue.