THR316D scene support in ihome

I have a THR316D temp/Humidity sensor setup to run my drip irrigation system, ihome sees it as a switch and also shows the Humidity but when I go to set up a scene the THR316D only shows as a temperature/humidity sensor not a switch so there is no way to set it up. It works as designed in the ewelink app. Is there a way to set this up to control the internal relay?

ON/OFF is supported in scene setting, would you please check again?

When I set it up in the “if” section of the scene as the trigger, then it does does not show up in the “then” as a switch.

And same if it is set in the “then” section as a switch first then it does not show as a trigger in the “if” secction.

You mean use one device, here is THR316D, temp or humidity as trigger, switch as action?

Yes I would like it to turn on at humidity below a set point and off after a delay of a set number of minutes. But only at a set time of day.

Support is expected in the September release

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