Error in Advanced Plan Edit Scenes

When adding a scene in the advanced plan I have the following error…I cannot add the action on the device contact
Is there a solution?

Hi there, is the issue persist?

Yes, in any browser it manifests itself identically!!
If I configure the scene in the mobile app, it appears in eWelink web and can be managed without problems!!
I had other expectations from a paid application?

Hi there, to better assist you, could you please send me your eWeLink account via a private message? With that information, I’ll be able to investigate the issue further and provide more specific help. Thank you!

If you are on staff and have the necessary skills, you should definitely have access!!
I a

m attaching a photo showing that a scene connecting an external sensor device can be configured…

Hi, the reason why you are unable to set the door sensor as an action in eWeLink Web is that the sensor can only be used as a trigger in eWeLink app/Web. Thus, when you choose THR316D as a trigger, you won’t be able to find the door sensor in the drop-down select frame as it can only be used as a trigger.

I have just shown you that it is possible… The problem is that the temperature and humidity sensor cannot be configured!!.. and from what has been stated, I have great doubts that you are the right person to solve the problem… even if it is drawn !!
Please pay more attention to details!!

The door sensor can only be set as a trigger in eWeLink, not as an action.
As the door sensor has two states, open and close, it can be used as a trigger in a scene. For example, when the A door sensor detects a door open or close, the B device can be turned on/off/reverse accordingly, which makes sense and helps automate tasks. However, it is not possible to set a scene where the A door sensor detects a door open/close when the B device is turned on/off/reverse.

I hope I have explained the reason behind the issue clearly to you.

No offense, you certainly didn’t understand the problem!!
Your answer may be correct to another problem!!
Don’t you even realize in the drawing that there are 2 different scenes?
The one with the door sensor works…the one with the temperature sensor DOESN’T WORK because it doesn’t see the condition!!
And I even explained to you that in the mobile application this scene can be configured without problems…
Are you really on staff and do you know the products??
I would like another colleague to intervene.
Thanks for the effort

I apologize for misunderstanding your issue. If I understand correctly, you are referring to the problem of not being able to select the temperature and humidity sensor as an action when using THR316D as a trigger. Currently, on the eWeLink Web platform, THR316D cannot be set as both a trigger and an action at the same time. However, this is supported on the eWeLink app.

Now you really understand, but the fact that you recognize the obvious is not a solution!! And no promise that you will fix it!!
In this case, did I pay for a more limited ADVANCED plan than the free one?? I consider the information that the advanced web platform has the same functions as those in the mobile application to be misleading!! I will be careful with future purchases…

It should be supported in the Web version while it has been available in the App, will pass to the Web team and achieves ASAP.

Hi there, I completely understand your frustration and I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. As for the shared capabilities, the web uses the corresponding capabilities and statistics that have already been implemented in the app. Therefore, there may be a delay in deploying these capabilities. I have confirmed with the web team that this capability will be supported in the upcoming new version release in June. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Then charge this service when it is fully functional!! Otherwise it is fraud…