THR316D scene

Hello, I installed a THR316D and connect the dry contact and chanel load. When I configure automaticly the temperature, it shut the channel Load, how can I use only the dry contact whithout shuting the channel ?

Try to implement it using the Scene.

Is it true that the newer TH models run scenes in the cloud? If it is I would prefer to run the scene locally on an iHost. Could running exactly the same automatic feature on the iHost be an option for those with an iHost (or maybe NSPP/NSP) ? I have a dehumidifier in the basement where it frequently runs out of power but luckily it is an older TH: why did you choose to stop running the simple scene on the device? I think it is useful. Means I can never upgrade that device if it breaks.
With the iHost you can already do it with Node Red and a virtual device to toggle on/off but it is a pain to set up and adjust. It would be much easier if the exact same function could run locally and it would mean less network traffic to your servers.

The TH R3’s auto control mode is indeed device local execution.

My answer is only to the questioner’s question about using only the TH R3’s temperature and humidity as a trigger source to execute other devices. :smile: