About Irrigation with THR316D + Sonoff4ch

I want to discuss with you about my irrigation system.

I use the THR316D relay to monitor the grass moisture and to give commands ON-OFF at the water pressure pump. A small tip: To avoid the constant readiness of the pressure pump 24/7, I open the relay ON every day at a specific time (eg 19:00) with the relay timer and close it OFF about 1 hour later (20:00).

Using the Sonoff 4ch to open the electric valves for the 4 irrigation zones I have made three manual scenes (tap to run) of 3 - 6 - 9 minutes each zone (with inching and delay). Which of them will be executed depends on the range of humidity of the thr316 relay that will be present at that moment. To achieve this I have made three auto scenes to automatically select which of the three manual scenes (3-6-9 minutes) will be executed at the specific time (19:00h) always in relation to the existing soil moisture
(Auto scene 1: from …degrees to…degrees execute tap to run 1 - Auto scene 2: from …degrees to…degrees execute tap to run 2 - Auto scene 3: from …degrees to…degrees execute tap to run 3).

So within that range of one hour, after measuring the relay humidity (from …degrees to…degrees) one of the automatic scene will be executed, which will activate the most appropriate 3-6 or 9 minutes tap to run scene by opening for this time one by one the four channels.

I think that if the sonoff 4ch goes offline the valves won’t open. Am I wrong ?

What I have not clarified is this: If the relay thr316d goes offline will it work normally at that time with its internal clock executing the scene or not?

Once the device has been configured to operate in thermostat mode, no permanent internet connection is required, the device will operate independently. Anything controlled from the eWeLink cloud in the absence of an internet connection will stop working (e.g. scenes).

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Sonoff thr316d works as thermostat-humidifier sensor and as relay too (turns on and off the pump at 19:00h). Sonoff 4ch works in case a scene takes the measurement of thr316d and requests that the valves be opened for a certain time.