Second action with delay

My scene is
if smart device THR316 umidity is less 33 then
smart device BASIC2 ON
delay 2 min

scene delay
smart device BASIC2 OFF

doesn’t work because umidity is changed??
I believe that when a scene starts do all comands and not re-test initial condition

Can suggest a solution ?

Hi there, if the humidity is already below 33, then the action will not be executed. The scene only works when the humidity is lowered from let’s say 34 to 32. So the key is, the humidity should be changing from more than 33 to less than 33.

Hi Peter. the scene start correcty ,when humidity is too low (<33),
and the Smart device (Pump) became ON but , after 2 minuts is not set OFF… Why??

I have added two block to smart device (pump)

  1. is a scene that start if humidity is < 33
    then after 2 minuts set smart device (punp) OFF
    scene delay 2

  2. I have set on smart device (punp) inching mode to 2min 6 sec
    Probalbly is sufficient use only inching mode

I seen that there is another problem.
The humidity sensor THR316D connected to MS01 that is placed in land %RH value vary each minute from 38 to 30% and this always start scene that set Smart device (pump) ON