TH Elite Node Red iHost

I’ve been recreating all my automatic scenes on the iHost onto iHost Node Red and am down to only 2 automatic scenes left.
I’ve previously got temperature from Zigbee temperature/humidity sensors but am stuck getting temperature from a TH Elite. Maybe I’m just tired but I can’t figure out how to extract temperature from it. I’ve managed to get all of my scenes done with no programming but here I may be stuck.
The second one I can’t move is a Tuya Zigbee Plug Socket. It works manually on the iHost and works in iHost scenes but if I select “Switch” as a device in Node Red it is not there and if as an “all” I get a communication error. That it works in scenes but not in Node Red suggests to me it is an eWeLink Cube Node Red Pelette thing. I suspect I can cure that one. Extracting the temperature from the TH Elite though: pretty sure I could do that without coding it if I wasn’t tired. Does the output look odd to anyone? How would you go about it?

Regarding the node-red log of TH Elite’s failure to obtain temperature, can you submit a feedback ticket?

I could but I’m pretty sure it was just my brain being tired. I ended up sending a message to MQTT and then MQTT before copy and pasting something that worked elsewhere.
It works. It’s just a bit stupid.
The last automatic scene I can’t get working in node Red is simple single Zigbee switch. I can control it manually and run iHost scenes but it doesn’t appear as a a switch in Node Red. It appears in “all” but then doesn’t work.