Missing temperatures in Google Home

I’m seeing an issue with Zigbee based temperature sensors connecting via the API into Google home. It appears that only the humidity is being displayed. Any ideas or help welcome.

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we discuss about temerature in Google home i that post

Sounds similar. I’m using SONOFF, temperature sensors. The temperatures are available in the app, but only humidity appears in Google Home. It appears the data is available, but somewhere either in the API build or in the host server the data is going missing. Hence I think this is a config issue. Can someone take a look at this?


Google home don’t support multi-functional sensors, still talking with Google team about this issue, no solid time for now.

Thanks yitie, good to know the current situation. Will you post when things change?

Sure, but need some time to discuss with Google team.

Quick update, the temperature and humidity data are all displayed in NEST devices, but only humidity showed in Google Home APP, have forward this request to Google team, it’s their determination.

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