Sonoff Th16 - Temperature to Google Sheet

I have a trouble with Sonoff Th16. I bought this device one year ago. I have installed Ewelink, Smartthings and used Simple Event Logger (GitHub) that register data (temperature and humidity) in my Google Drive (in a Google Sheet).

Samsung Smartthings has eliminated (in data 11 january 2023) Smartapp (automation with code) so now I can’t register data in Google Sheets. Is there another solution? I have tried Constant Graph online but register only few days and I need to download data every time.

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I use the ST Rest API to get data to an Android app called Tasker and a Tasker plugin called AutoSheets to store the data in a Google Sheet.

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Check this How to download device & scene logs for data analysis - eWeLink

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Thank you :slight_smile: