Update Humidity and temperature to a cell in Google Sheet

Hello guys,
I’m looking how to update in real time (or each hour if we can’t) the temperature and humidity from my sensors in a google sheet cell. Maybe with webhooks? But im a beginner…

I can also use Ifttt if needed but in Ifttt the only way to trigger is “when the temp is above” or “below” Thats why i can’t have the data in real time in google Sheet…

Also if you know how to send the data from my sensor to a Webhook; it may can be sent to my google sheet with IFTTT i think.
Thanksssss :wink:

I know some users get the data to Google sheet by using IFTTT integration, haven’t try myself.
But I think webhook feature in eWeLink web is qualified to do the something, get the data from the devices then webhook your own database to write in.

BTW, we are try to bring data download feature to eWeLink web, need some time to find a proper way.

Ok Thanks, I will try to find a way and let you know if it works!

Hello, I have the same need as Laurent with something additional and it seems that my SONOFF TH Elite with DS18B20 is not supported by EWElink, I say this because I can create webhook type scenes for other sonoff except for this one
I really appreciate it, you can soon improve the platform to send the variables every x minutes, not only when the temperature exceeds the threshold